SilhouetteI’m rushed off my feet and need some help and in the spirit of the latest efforts to get more women onto Boards I’m doing my bit. I’m in need of a good woman!

I’m looking for an assistant or in due course a potential business partner. Probably female, either just starting out or perhaps coming back to work after having a family I’m looking for someone who’s bright, enthusiastic and happy to get stuck in on day one. Estate agency background would be a help but is not essential, languages such as Italian or Spanish would be a big bonus.

Working mainly from home, based in London or the south east I am most likely  looking for someone that employment and equality laws don’t allow me to describe. Heavily commission based the job has little upper limit. If you have vision, determination and a willingness to get the job done then maybe we should speak. Confidentiality guaranteed!

Have you or do you know someone who might be interested in helping me to build a fun, profitable business? Call me or email ‘hclp@me.com’.