Helping estate agencies

Over the past few months I have been working with a handful of selling agents to help them to grow their business in an easy and cost-effective way. I ask  one simple question – “Are you trying to grow your market share?” If so then the following should make sense;- As well as trying to get instructions on more of the homes for sale why not try to buy some of the ones that you don’t get instructions on?

I’ll work with you to help train up one member of staff to start turning applicants into clients and buying properties, I’ll provide promotional material to use, templates for emails and letters and use my name and modest influence to work with them to raise their profile with the aim of buying at least one property a month. I can attend workshops or seminars that you can put on for your applicants and in certain circumstances even help pitch.

If you’re interested and would like to discuss how we can work together to grow your business then please get in touch.


On a related note, someone has kindly just told me about HomeBuyer Centre. Not sure why this didn’t take off – this looks like a really good idea.