The Month in Numbers

With the publication on Friday of both Nationwide and Land Registry numbers we can now review the market. Here you will find the average asking price (Rightmove) sale price (Land Registry, Office for National Statistics, Halifax) and transaction volumes (HMRC) together this month with annual transaction details for 2012 which HMRC published yesterday.

Once again, these are their numbers, you decide what they tell you about the market.

  • Annual house price inflation in April was +2.6% – it was 2.7% pa in March (says ONS)
  • Average house price in March was £238,000 (says ONS)
  • Ave asking price in May £249,841 up 2.5% pa and up 2.1% on April (says Rightmove) but up 10% so far this year.
  • Nº of homes sold in April across UK 79k – 69k in April 2012 (says HMRC)
  • Nº of months of unsold inventory – 12
  • Chances of selling in the next month – 8%. Was 10% in March.
  • Ave price paid by a First-Time Buyer was £175,000 in March compared to £170,000 last year (says ONS)
  • The average cost of renting a home in the UK decreased 0.7%pa in April to £787pcm – (says HomeLet) but 2.5% higher than May 2012
  • Renting in London now costs £1,233pcm on average, 3.1% higher than a year ago. – (says HomeLet)
  • Average sale prices in England & Wales still 11% below their peak in Nov 2007. They are 15% across Wales and 20% below in the North West (says Land Registry)
  • 1 in 12 home owners with a mortgage in the UK (719k) is in negative equity (CML via G Norwood)

Ave asking price & ave sale price Gap between ave asking price & ave sold price Growth in transactions in 2012 Nº of homes selling & Nº of homes for sale. Nº of homes sold across the UK Number of sales over £1m Percentage of £1m sales that were in London last month Percentage of London sales that were over £1m Percentage of sales across England & Wales that were more then £1m Percentage of sales that were under £200k Property transactions by price band Supply & demand