Putting my money where my mouth is

“Hiring a buying agent is expensive, something really only for the very rich” was the accusation made on the BBC radio program I appeared on last week. Not being one to duck a challenge I’m now offering a deal to anyone worried that retaining my services might leave them out of pocket.

If you don’t like the idea of my traditional percentage fee then if successful I’ll charge a fee of £10k plus 25% of any saving achieved form the original asking price!

Of course there is some small print – I’m not going to pay you if you decide to pay over the asking price. I will still ask for a retainer – just to try and ensure that I’m working for people who really do intend to buy something and as a contribution towards the costs of running around looking for things.

So, if you really aren’t convinced that a buying agent can save you money then I dare you to take me up on my mad offer after all, what have you got to lose? There are all sorts of other things a buying agent can help you with, not just the best price – sourcing off-market properties, evaluating each one, checking an area, advising on finance, on legal work and on the chances of capital appreciation in the months and years to come. It’s not all about money when it comes to buying a home but it is when it comes to the fees. I’m prepared to take a gamble that may end up with me earning less than 1%. Are you up for it?