Piaggio MP3 Sport LT


A warning to anyone thinking of buying the fantastic new LT500 Sport LT. Since upgrading from my old LT300 I have now been refused Congestion Charge Exemption by Transport for London (which like the LT300 is longer than 2m) AND I have been refused business class use insurance as I ride the MP3 on a full UK car license.

(Hopefully Google will work their magic, index this page and display it to anyone looking in to buying what is a great bike.)

You have been warned!

* Update;- In frustration I called my broker Devitt’s and unbelievably (and having been put on hold for 25 minutes) they spoke to the underwriters at Aviva who have reconsidered and I now have ‘business use’ once again. Their computer had assumed that the MP3 was a ‘bike’ even though I have explained it was a ‘trike’ and that they had been insuring it for two years.

I had called 18 insurance companies/brokers AND Piaggio UK and no one seemed able to offer business use to someone with a full UK car license. If you get stuck as I was then try Devitts (0845 300 4870) and mention my case! Ask to speak to Jack Garnish on ext 1054.