BBC Your Money

Minus the ‘Celtic tigger’ – bouncy Declan Curry I was the guest of suave Philip Hampsheir doing his first Your Money. A chat about Halifax research on the troubles experience by ‘second-steppers.

On average, second steppers have already had their home on the market for seven months, whilst one in eight (12%) have also previously marketed their property.

Over half (53%) are looking to move as their current property is too small for their needs; 24% are expecting to start a family and need more room; 44% plan to move to a new area, whilst 12% are relocating for work.

For most raising a deposit remains a key barrier – 65%

27% blame the lost their capital in their first house

Typical deposit of a 2nd stepper was £59k compared to £31k in 2002

High costs inc Stamp Duty was cited by 52%