The Best Bits of 2012!

I’ve always said that the reason I am fortunate enough to get so much airtime is that (a) I am always available, (b) will turn up when I’m required and that (c) I will mind my p’s and q’s on air. If I say something interesting then frankly that’s to be regarded as a bonus.

Broadcasters have a rolling 24 hour news agenda to fill and they don’t always have time to find the top expert, persuade him that live tv is fun, get him to a studio and help him deliver his message in one take. (Although it probably doesn’t look it I have actually had some practice!) Despite proclaiming that they would be happy to do the Today Program or News Channel it’s amazing how many folk find they aren’t able to accept the invitation when it comes. Talking to 6m people at 6.15 in the morning isn’t everyone’s idea of a great start to the day. Still, their loss is my gain!

Live radio and telly is the best legal high I know and I’m hugely grateful to all those who gallantly step aside to allow me the chance to get another fix!

Over Christmas I’ve been playing with some new Mac software called PulpMotion which I have used here to bring together clips from the various Tv interviews I have done through 2012.   27 telly plus 32 radio interviews! A big ‘thank you’ to all those who booked me, interviewed me, filmed or recorded my pearls of wisdom and to those who have looked after me. Fingers crossed you’re all happy to do more of it in 2013!