Live broadcast from an iPhone?

If you’re invited to take part in a BBC radio interview then you will almost always be asked to travel to the studio or failing that to your local station where a ‘down the line’ interview can be conducted on an ISDN line. This gives clear, high quality sound and to the listener you and the interviewer might be sitting in the same studio. But this is no longer necessary.

Thanks to a handy App called ‘Luci‘ which you can download onto your smart phone and/or desktop computer you can now give that important comment or provide live reaction to a story without having to be in a studio. The BBC has been working with this technology for some time and it’s now bearing fruit!

Here’s an early example of my contribution to a BBC Three Counties program at 6.20am done on my iPhone. The sound is almost good enough to distract you from the lack of content!

Luci takes a bit of setting up but once you get the hang of it she’s a huge step forward. It’s fun getting up at 4.30am to speak to the lads on Wake Up To Money but now they have gone to Salford going to TV Centre to do the ‘down the line’ interview can now be done in PJ’s from home!

Pioneering Nick Garnett from BBC North has taken things one step further with a live TV interview via a mobile. It may be a little while before I am trusted to set this up and address the nation – we must all home!