Up to 400,000 homes must have an Energy Performance certificate by 1st October

Hot on the heels of the Governments bungled Home Information Pack legislation comes a requirement for all homes being offered for sale or to rent that every one has an Energy Performance Certificate. Unlike the HiPs rules that makes an estate agent responsible for the fridge-style certificate, the Energy Performance in Buildings Regulations makes the home owner responsible for getting the paperwork. EPC’s typically cost around £100.

The Government is sleep walking into yet another housing catastrophy. There are over 230,000 homes currently up for rent and as recently as last month The Law Society confirmed that many homes being offered for sale don’t have a HiP. I estimate that as many as 150,000 properties don’t have a HiP and will therefore need an Energy Performance Certificate. It is possible that as many as 400,000 properties will need an EPC a document that can cost up to £100.

Thousands of Domestic Energy Assessors who last year were royally shafted by the Keystone Cops-style introduction of Home Information Packs will now have to try to complete this work. Good will amongst their numbers towards the Government is as scarce as a cash buyer and many have left the business. I think it is unlikely that there are now enough to be able to handle the numbers that will be needed. I expect the usual tensions between home owners and their agents struggling to make sense of yet more Government red tape and the omnipresent bureaucrats who will no doubt be running around looking to slap enforcement notices on anyone who can’t produce a certificate that confirms what every owner already knows – that his heating bills this year will be crippling!