‘Banksy saw it coming

The ‘Street Artist’ (or ‘vandal’ as disgusted from Tunbridge Wells might say) has inspired many with his work. I usually feel like bringing back hanging for people who deface walls and trains with their clever ‘tags’ but you can’t deny that, if it is art, theirs provokes discussion and makes you think.

What it also does when you look back through history is provide a commentary on the time. William Hogarth’s cartoons provide many people with a view of life in the early 18th century (minus the speech balloons, I guess).

With apologies to those of a more sensitive disposition I’m told that the above image was, ironically, found on the return wall of a south-west London estate agency office. I’d love to believe the story but regardless, as thousands of individuals who until recently were employed in estate agency found out, the words used by their boss “we are experiencing challenging trading conditions” might have been put more succinctly by Mr Hogarth or his like.