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‘Not On The Market’ – Where deals are discussed discreetly.

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Not everybody wants their home advertised on websites, displayed in an estate agents window or featured in the press. Some people will only sell if they find the right buyer and more and more are looking to sell discreetly. Agents see many more homes than they publicly promote and sometimes they can get buyers around homes they are not actively marketing. These are known as ‘off-market‘ deals and take place in what the selling agents sometimes refer to as the ‘Grey’ market. Homeowners might consider selling or letting if the right person was interested. There aren’t always sales particulars, photo’s or plans but a credible, genuine buyer can may be able to get access to these homes either via buying agents or by being on the right agents mailing list.

Or now via protected social media.

2016-06-05 10_35_42Some suggest that there may be up to 40% more homes available than you might find on big websites like Rightmove or Zoopla. Many sellers and quite a few agents don’t like the idea of Google indexing their property for eternity, recording your personal effects and the sale history, when it went on to the market, how much you reduced the asking price and how many people have viewed it.

There were 127m visits to Rightmove in January this year generating 4.9m email and phone enquiries for agents who between them only sell around 100,000 properties a month. A typical agency has 374 buyers registered but just 37 homes for sale. According to their own lobby group, in December 2015 each agent sold just 7 homes!

A few individual agents provide off-market services, many like slick Aylesfords in Chelsea make a feature of it and one of the original buying agents Garrington wrote a helpful explanation of what it all means. My new service doesn’t guarantee success but it might provide the answer. It’s a ‘must’ for those who are serious about finding their next home quietly and efficiently and the cost when it comes is, I hope reasonable.

In due course getting access to @Not_OnTheMarket will cost £1 a day (plus VAT) billed weekly. You will need to set up a payment via PayPal (below) AND click the ‘follow’ button on Twitter.

You will be able to continue to use the service for as long as it is helpful. Just click the ‘subscribe’ button, set up a payment via PayPal using a Credit or Debit card if necessary. When concluding the payment you will need to add VAT.

Once you have made your payment you will be receive an email asking you to confirm your Twitter name so that it can be approved. Please be patient if waiting for a reply & check your ‘junk’ folder just in case! To ensure control of who gets access to the information & that anyone who abuses the service can be ‘blocked’ it may take up to 24 hours to approve your request.


Step 1 – Subscribe for £1 a day

Step 2 – Click the ‘Follow’ button on @Not_OnTheMarket

Step 3 – Send an email to confirm your @Twitter name.


Agents & home owners – Free to list

If you have a property you might sell or let or a retained client search that you would like discreetly circulate to a growing list you can Direct Message @Not_OnTheMarket or email brief information including;

  • the address (We’ll only use the town/county and postcode)
  • your guide price
  • a photograph or plan (if you wish)
  • a link (if you have one) to more information and
  • your contact details
  • including your @Twitter name


“5 bed cotswolds house with 2 acres & further land close to Cirencester – contact @Savills”

“Mews house in W11 to be sold quickly for client bidding on another house. Will take offer – Contact @HardAndFast”

“Retained client wants 2/3 bed flat in Sw3. Funds to £2.5m. Contact @HenryPryor”

This is a work in progress and it will take time to get up to speed. In due course there may be enough data to have a more formal search service but to start with it’s a little more ad hoc. If you have any ideas or suggestions please call me or drop me a line. I also sell bulk licenses to those who may find it beneficial.


You can unsubscribe at anytime here. To be sure, please feel free to send an email to confirm.