Shopping list

I work for a handful of clients at any one time each looking for something different. I can’t act for more than one client for each brief and I will act for up to a dozen at any one time. If you have a property that you think might suit one of the following briefs then do please get in touch.

  1.  5 bed farmhouse with land, no neighbours, north Norfolk. £1.5m-£3m Ref HR
  2. ‘Away from it all’ 5 bed farmhouse with land for protection. Suffolk. £1.5m-£2m Ref JR
  3. £1.5m for a 4/5 bed period house in or on the outskirts of Salisbury or Winchester for discerning buyer. Ref DP
  4. 2 x 3/4 bed houses in Bexleyheath up to £600k each? Ref RS/AN
  5. 5/6 bed country house with land up to 2 hours drive south of London. Up to £2m. Ref BH
  6. 2/3 bed flat/house must have outside space up to £2m in Zone 1. Ref BB
  7. 1/2 bed flat to rent out. Funds to £1m. Central London or perhaps Kings Cross… Yield 4.5%+ please. Ref ML
  8. 4/5 bed period home between Welwyn Garden City and Salisbury. £1.5m. Ref LHA
  9. Plot to build 5,000sqft home in Hertfordshire. Budget £2m Ref CS
  10. Freehold ex-pub or studio building in west London – up to £2m Ref CH
  11. 15 miles of Berwick on Tweed, 5/6 beds, period house with 1+ acres up to £900kRef MD
  12. 2/3 bed property to do up in/around Wilmslow. Budget £500k. Ref RT
  13. Up to £2m for a large family home up to half an hour from Bishop’s Stortford Ref ED
  14. 2 bed flat in Southwark up to £500k Ref TAM
  15. 1500sqft of office space to rent in Ware for plc client looking to expand their business. Ref GE
  16. 3 bed flat close to Royal Hospital in Chelsea, budget to £7m, 200sqm or more, 1st floor or above. Ref MG
  17. 6 bed secluded estate in Umbria or Tuscany. Budget €20mRef CG
  18. 3 bed flat/house Notting Hill – Bayswater – Marylebone. 1,500sqft+ Must be light. Up to £2.5m ref KC
  19. 4/5 bed family house in Notting Hill. Prepared to do work, up to £5mRef ID
  20. 5/6 bed country house with some land, period or modern. 3 hours of London, up to £2.5m. Ref KT
  21. 5/6 bed house east of the A1 in Hertfordshire. Up to £5m. Land for horses, pool, tennis court. Ref CS
  22. 3/4 bed flat in Mayfair. Up to £5m. Will do work to it if necessary. Ref AL
  23. Suffolk farmhouse wanted – towards the Heritage Coast. Budget £1.2m Ref BT 
  24. 5/6 bed country house up, £6-£9m in central Hertfordshire. Ref JS
  25. 2 bed flat in Knightsbridge up to £2.8m – likes Lennox Gardens. 1st floor or above. Ref EM
  26. 1/2 bed flat west London to let out. Budget £1m. Yield over 4.5% please. Ref SS
  27. 2/3 bed flat Onslow Gardens. Budget £2.5m. Ref JG
  28. 4/5 bed house in Bridport with garden and in walking distance of town centre. Up to £700k. Ref PS
  29. 4/5 bed house within walking distance of the centre of Lindfield. Budget up to £1.6m. Ref NV
  30. 5 bed house in central London. Budget £15m. Prefer Chelsea/Knghtsbridge. Garden essential. Not keen on doing up. Ref ST