Land Registry numbers

The latest Land Registry report on the state of the housing market has been published and the last quarter of 2009 appears to have come as a relief to estate agents and those looking to sell. House prices were up in England & Wales according to the Land Registry by 2.5% at £161,783. However there

Can you bribe an estate agent?

I’m not sure which is worse. The fact that there could be estate agents out there who might be persuaded to recommend a conveyancing lawyer solely because of the referral fee they might get or the fact that there is a company who wants to conduct a survey to discover if this is actually the

December was better than expected

The latest numbers form HMRC of sales across the whole of the UK published this morning come as a pleasant surprise with 100k completions in the month up from 57k in December the year before. Housing Expert Henry Pryor says “The end of the Stamp Duty holiday clearly will have had some influence on this

RiCS monthly survey out

The latest RiCS survey out this morning is once again a “percentage -of-surveyors-who-are-more-optimistic-than-those-who-are-not” kind of prognostication. Their December survey (when they ask the very few estate agents who are Chartered Surveyors what kind of month they have had) suggests that 30% more surveyors saw prices rise than fall but as always with the RiCS survey