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"the BBC's favourite property expert"


"After 32 years in the business I have bought & sold close to 1000 properties"

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Buying service

A bespoke buying service to help you prepare, search, evaluate and bid for your next home.

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Pocket Agent

Help to buy and sell your home for just £180.

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Quick check

Let me check the property you've found to make sure your biggest purchase isn't your most expensive.

What I buy & where

Helping clients to buy a home rather than be sold a property

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I buy homes for private clients from £1m - £50m. Half the homes I buy are outside London from country cottages to classic country houses.

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Half the homes I buy are in London, from modest flats in Shoreditch to mansions in Mayfair.

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and occasionally I will search for homes abroad. An estate in Tuscany or a villa in France.

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Special services

As well as houses I assist particular clients looking to acquire fine art, boats, bloodstock & planes...

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Thoughts & observations

House on the edge
April 24, 2016 No Comments

Housing market on the edge?

99% of what you read in the papers about the housing market, hear on the radio or see on tv is put out by people with something to sell. Estate agents, mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders and websites – all know about the market because they are selling houses, mortgages or financial services but they must […]

April 22, 2016 No Comments

Marketing or listing agents?

“Never blog in anger” they say. Well stuff that! As you can see, I’m pretty cross and here’s why;- There was a time when estate agents used to run mailing lists of possible buyers, a time when they held the balance of power in the buying and selling game because knowledge (of who was buying) […]

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 06.58.04
April 21, 2016 No Comments

Stamp duty on ‘granny annexes’ climb down

Having first announced that people buying a home with an annexe (a separate dwelling) could have to pay the new 3% higher Stamp Duty Land Tax on the whole purchase the Government has decided that this was not what was meant and a ‘clarification’ has been issued. This is the text from HMRC sent to […]