Help to Buy (Small)

You want to find the perfect house from the nations 24m homes – 780k of which are on the open market each listed on one or more of the 10+ big...

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You need help!


Much of the news following the Chancellors Autumn Statement centred around stories of agents and lawyers burning the midnight oil to get high-value d...

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London buyers slash offers.

SkyNews 18:12:14

‘Tis the season for summaries. Off to the Gherkin to discuss the current state of the housing market with Jannat Jalil on Sky News Business....

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Sky News 18th Dec 2014

Rip off Britain

‘Blight’ is something that effects a lot of properties and can be a very distressing thing if it happens to you. There are two types of &#...

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Rip off Britain ‘Live’

BBC News

David Cameron announces new scheme to build 100,000 new homes (if elected next spring) to be sold to first time buyers at a 20% discount. My contribut...

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BBC One oClock News


Scotland has dominated the news cycle for the past two weeks but it’s not been the only subject making the news. I’ve been able to contrib...

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