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"the BBC's favourite property expert"


"After 32 years as an agent I have bought & sold close to 1000 properties. I bid on a house every week & buy one once a month. This year I hope to buy £100m of property."

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Buying service - 3% inc VAT

A bespoke buying service to help you prepare, search, evaluate, bid and move to your next home.

Sleek & Beautiful

Pocket Agent - £600

Help and advice including negotiating with agents for anyone looking to buy & sell a home.

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Quick check - £100

I can check the property you've found to make sure your biggest purchase isn't your most expensive.

What I buy & where

You know what an estate agent does? I'm the guy acting for the buyer!

Sleek & Beautiful


I search for & buy homes for private clients from £1m - £50m. Half are outside London - from country cottages to classic country houses.

Sleek & Beautiful


Half the homes I buy are in London, from modest flats in Shoreditch to mansions in Mayfair.

Sleek & Beautiful


and occasionally I search for homes abroad. An estate in Tuscany or a villa in France.

Sleek & Beautiful

Special services

As well as houses I assist particular clients looking to acquire fine art, boats, bloodstock, planes...

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Thoughts & observations

July 12, 2016 No Comments

Brexit may be the best time to pull on your buying boots.

If, like me you believe that you make money when you buy and not when you sell then I can’t recall a better time to have pulled on your buying boots. In my 32 year career in property there have never been more excuses to drive down the price than there are now. If you wanted to […]

June 25, 2016 No Comments

Please, can we move on?

In the confusion that now follows the UK vote to leave the European Union there is and will remain much mud-slinging. I voted to Remain but a majority (just) voted to leave. That’s democracy – even if it doesn’t suit me. Many of those who voted to leave seem to hanker for a world shot […]

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 07.31.11
June 25, 2016 No Comments

What next for property?

I waited until the day before the Referendum before making up my mind. It wasn’t an easy decision but on balance I decided that remaining was the slightly less risky option. 49% of Britains agreed but 51% decided that it was better to leave. There will be plenty of time pick over the implications but […]